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Demonstrations for Staging Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Home


Curb Appeal and Neatness Counts!

Curb Appeal Is Key: A mowed, trimmed lawn and weeded garden create
a good first impression. Inspect the exterior of your property: shutters, windows,
front door and steps. If the house needs painting, buyers will notice and may
consider it a major objection to purchase.

Neatness Counts: Scrub each room thoroughly. Give special attention to the entryway, kitchen and bathrooms. Shampoo the carpet if necessary. If carpet is worn or old, consider replacing or removing it if hardwood floors are underneath. And don't forget cobwebs in
corners, basements and attics!

Eliminate Clutter: Buyers will open closets and cupboards, so make sure they're as tidy as possible. Get rid of items you don't use. Remove unnecessary furniture to help make each room appear more spacious.

If It is Broken, Fix It: Easily fixable items such as loose doorknobs, a broken
dishwasher, a dripping faucet, and squeaky doors all detract from your property's value. An afternoon spent making needed repairs now can eliminate a buyer's objections later.

Small Changes Can Make A Hugh Impression: Pillow and/or new towels can freshen a tired kitchen or bath. Fresh flowers add warmth to any room. And even a fresh coat of paint doesn't cost much.

Don't Forget About Aromatherapy: Make sure your home passes the scent test.
Right before an open house, bake some cookies or
bread, simmer a pot of apple cider & cinnamon on the stove, or light a few scented candles. Strong odors could send potential
lookers running out the front door.

Get Some Help Fixing Up: If your time is limited, but you feel a quick fix could
dramatically change a potential buyer’s perspective, call an expert. Invest a
little, and go further.